Program Manager - Ventana Wilderness Alliance (Santa Cruz, CA)

The YiW Program Manager will be expected to -Write grant proposals and grant reports -Develop systems for collecting and analyzing student data (i.e. survey results and demographic information) -Track expenses; manage multiple grant budgets -Track educational and stewardship hours -Coordinate with partners to design an ongoing program of sustained engagement; schedule workshops, outings and follow-up meetings -Collaborate with YiW Field Manager to ensure that the program is on track to meet its goals for each grant and that funding is being spent appropriately -Maintain organized records of release forms, stewardship tracking forms, surveys, demographics, etc. -Seek and develop new relationships with potential funders -Periodically join YiW trips to maintain program consistency -Communicate with leaders of other VWA programs for support and coordination of activities -Periodically attend weekend Gatherings and Board Meetings -Work with the Field Manager to maintain and track equipment stores Source:

Don't Be Fooled

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